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  Ferric nitride is a mixture of Si3N4 as the main component, accompanied by free iron, ferric nitride and a few other components. Ferrosilicon nitride for fire resistance is a kind of gray white (or brown) powder, while ferrosilicon nitride for steelmaking is a gray white granular substance.

  Product Application
  At present, the products are mainly used in two aspects:
  (1) : Unshaped resistant material, no bubbling mud, iron groove material
  Ferrosilicon nitride is mainly used in non - bubbling mud. The main problems solved include difficulty in iron opening, poor corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, tidal mud phenomenon and poor plasticity.
  (2) : Nitrogen enhancer
  By mixing with ferrovanadium nitride, ferrosilicon nitride, ferroniobium niobium and ferrochrome to replace vanadium nitrogen alloy, the cost of nitrogen increasing agent is reduced.
  Product parameters:

  (1) Powder (fire resistance direction)

  (2) Particles (direction of nitrogen enhancer)
  Product Advantages:
  The company's products adopt unique technology, stable product performance, high product density.