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The ministry of industry and information technology published 213 industry standards involving the rare earth industry 6

Release time:2020-05-26
In order to welcome the arrival of the May 1st international labor day, further promote the lofty virtues of the workers, guide the majority of employees to work hard, overcome difficulties, and effectively show the good spirit of the majority of front-line employees, youresearch new material union in the company carried out the "most beautiful workers" selection activities. Through comprehensive selection and organization recommends, eventually YouYan rei haiming, liu zhijun, xie, Zheng Yijiang YouYan rare earth Qin Guohua, su wei, party alliance, Yang Peng, yu, YouYan photoelectric light, the same Yuan Zehai, jing hui jian-dong liu, Zhang Yunbo YouYan countries, YouYan medical zhi-min hao, hong-wei liang and other 15 get YouYan new material "best worker" title in 2020.
On the morning of April 28, youyan new material held the "most beautiful worker" award meeting in 2020. Youyan xincai party secretary and general manager wang xingquan, deputy party secretary, deputy general manager, secretary of the board of directors Yang hai attended the meeting. In his speech, wang xingquan first extended holiday greetings to the workers of the company on behalf of your new talents and congratulated the "most beautiful workers". He thanked them for their positive contributions to the development of your new talents and for setting an advanced example for all the workers. He pointed out that the 15 "most beautiful workers" have been selected by the whole company, representing the recognition and affirmation of the surrounding employees. He hoped that these recognition can be turned into the motivation of work and continue to work hard. Secondly, we should take pride in our sense of responsibility. The progress of the company cannot be separated from the efforts of every employee. We hope that the sense of responsibility can motivate the team to keep moving forward. Finally, we should take pride in our work and cheer for a better life. The company is a big stage. I hope every employee can shine with their own efforts and labor is the most glorious!